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30 May 2013 @ 04:27 pm
Sock It To Me!  

plastic macs..easy care fabrics..ready-to-wear..no ironing, no fuss, and rain-proof

reblogged from childofthesixtiesforeverandever blog

my attempt at a bouffant which i think came out pretty good

another Nancy Drew book to add to my collection..this was $1.00 at Goodwill

PIZZZZZZAAAAA!! very hot outside today..it feels like the Kalahari without the rhinos, and elephants roaming around which would be heaven though! later on i will be making ratatouille..one of my fav. foods ever.

then i'm meeting up with Shaggy & the gang to go to the drive-in..*i wish*
(Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine wall deco was given to me by a friend in the UK)

I'm sooooo pissed off..i got this lovely gift from a friend..these huge silver hoop earrings & it was purchased at Claire's..when i was putting it for the first time in my ear, the freakin' clasp broke off!! I've brought back a gift that broke before to Ardene's & they were very nice to give me an exchange, i never want my money back..just always exchange if i have a merchandise that breaks without even wearing it ever! I think its fair if i am given an exchange, well, Claire's did not give me an exchange at all! I told them it was a gift, never worn, they could see the merchandise for themselves, it was in pristine condition minus the fact that the bloody clasp was broke off, so i could never wear just one earring! they had the same pair, quite a few there, but they refused to give me an exchange..when i told my friend that, she was furious as well! I think Claire's policy sucks!! I'm never shopping there again!
sweet_misery788 on May 30th, 2013 09:43 pm (UTC)
wow, i'm sorry to hear about your earring and about claire's horrible customer service. i worked at claire's for five years, and at our location we always gave people an exchange for damaged products, especially if it was clearly unworn. according to claire's policy, the only products they are unable to return are wedding/prom jewelry, and body piercings such as belly button rings. maybe you should complain to head office.